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Elder Evan A. Fry served as Radio Minister for the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS) from 1940 to 1958. He broadcast from Kansas City radio station KMBC which later became KMBZ.  The following radio ministry segments presented the gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands of people who were not members of the Church.  Today they are available to you.  In this series entitled "Hear Ye Him" learn of the doctrines of Christ's original church and why one should expect to find these doctrines and beliefs in His true church today.  We urge you to hear the voice of Jesus Christ in song, in scripture, in sermon and in the quiet meditations of your own heart.  The yellow title should play the sermon audio and the icon following a title will link to the text.

Evan Fry, Minister for Christ
1. Does My Belief Matter?   (14 Min)  
3. Our Belief In Christ   (18 Min)  
5. Man His Nature And Destiny   (18 Min)  
7. Free Moral Will Or Agency   (18 Min)  
9. Faith The Way To Salvation  (14 Min Remake)  
11. Baptism The Door To The Kingdom   (18 Min)  
13. Grow Up Into Christ  (19 Min)  
15. The Body Of Christ   (19 Min)  
21. Gifts Of Miracles   (19 Min)  
23. What Became Of Christ's Church?   (21 Min)  
25. Our Standard Of Belief   (21 Min)  
27. Christ's Other Sheep   (21 Min)  
29. Why Believe The Book Of Mormon?   (19 Min)  
31. Book Of Mormon Witnesses   (20 Min)  
33. Spiritual And Ethical Levels Of The Book Of Mormon   (22 Min)  
35. Contemporary Scriptures   (18 Min)  
37. God And Government   (22 Min)  
39. What Is Christian Stewardship?   (14 Min)  
41. Implementing Social Righteousness   (20 Min)  
43. Judgment Is Eternal   (18 Min)  
45. Jesus Is Coming Soon   (21 Min)  
47. Was Joseph Smith A Prophet?   (18 Min)  
49. The Fullness Of The Gospel   (15 Min)  
51. And Now Why Tarriest Thou?   (17 Min)  
54. What Is The Kingdom?   (3 Min)  
56. Christ And The Kingdom Of Israel   (13 Min)  
58. The Apostasy and the Kingdom   (11 Min)  
60. The Heavenly Kingdom   (11 Min)  
62. The Present Kingdom   (13 Min)  
64. Subjects of God's Kingdom   (13 Min)  
66. Bringing Forth The Kingdom   (13 Min)  
68. Seeking First The Kingdom   (12 Min)  
70. The Keys of the Kingdom   (13 Min)  
98. Jesus The Way And The Truth   (13 Min)  
100. Jesus The Savior Of The World   (13 Min)  
      2. Our Belief In God   (21 Min)  
4. Our Belief In The Holy Ghost   (17 Min)  
6. What Is The Atonement?   (16 Min)  
8. The Christ of the Old Testament  (21 Min)  
10. The Processes of Repentance  (17 Min Remake)  
12. The Second Birth   (21 Min)  
14. Jesus Lives!   (20 Min)  
18. The Gifts Of Wisdom And Knowledge   (19 Min)  
22. Gifts Of Healing   (18 Min)  
24. Bearers Of Christ's Authority   (18 Min)  
26. The Bible Promises Other Sriptures   (23 Min)  
28. Our American Scriptures   (17 Min)  
30. Book Of Mormon Evidences   (21 Min)  
32. Book Of Mormon Doctrines   (17 Min)  
34. Who Closed The Canon Of Scripture?   (19 Min)  
36. The Christian Ethics Of Marriage   (19 Min)  
38. The Glory Of God Is Intelligence   (14 Min)  
40. Equality Through Agency   (19 Min)  
42. Thy Kingdom Come   (Zion)   (19 Min)  
44. The Resurrection of the Body   (22 Min)  
46. The Millennial Reign   (18 Min)  
48. The Voice Of Warning   (19 Min)  
50. Good Will To Men   (21 Min)  
53. Great God Our King   (13 Min)  
55. Israel And The Kingdom   (13 Min)  
57. Christ‘s Church and the Kingdom   (13 Min)  
59. The Kingdom Within   (12 Min)  
61. The Kingdom of God on Earth   (10 Min)  
63. The Future Kingdom   (13 Min)  
65. Heirs Of The Kingdom   (12 Min)  
67. Building Up The Kingdom   (12 Min)  
69. The Life of the Kingdom   (12 Min)  
87. The Householder And The Hired Servant   (13 Min)  
99. Jesus The Lamb Of God   (13 Min)  
154. These Signs Shall Follow   (18 Min)  
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