Early Radio Sermons  (1943 - 1944) by Elder Evan A. Fry And C. Houston Hobart, Former President of Seventy

After Evan Fry would deliver a radio segment in Kansas City the transcript was sent to brother Hobart (Hoot as his friends called him) to be given over the radio in Berkley California.  These texts come from the collection of brother Hobart who also created some on his own.  Due to the way these documents were scanned, not all of brother Hobart's penciled notes appear on the resulting images.  Some of the following titles also appear in the later "Hear Ye Him" series.
1.  The Householder And The Laborers
2.  Be Not Tossed To And Fro
3.  The Signs Of The Times
4.  Enter The Strait Gate
5.  What Latter Day Saints Believe About Authority
6.  A Body Fitly Joined Together
7.  What Is Repentance
8.  Sins Of Omission
9.  Be Ye Also Perfect
10.  Does The Bible Teach Probation After Death
11.  Why I Am A Latter Day Saint
12.  What Latter Day Saints Believe About The Restoration Of Authority
13.  Latter Day Saints And Church Cooperation
14.  Seeking Or Building The Kingdom
15.  The Church And Stewardship
16.  We Are One World
17.  Jesus The Savior Of Mankind
18.  Nothing New Under The Sun
19.  The Millennium
20.  Baptism
21.  The Laying On Of Hands
22.  What Latter Day Saints Believe About Probation After Death
23.  Loaves And Fishes
24.  Eternal Values
25.  The Earth Is The Lords