Picture of Vivian Sorensen
Vivian Sorensen
Minister for Christ
God speaks today as He ever has in the past to those who open their heart and seek Him.  We invite you to learn about Christ's original 1st century church, its falling away and its eventual restoration by viewing the following 7 presentations by one of the church's favorite missionaries.  While dated, these presentations continue to convey the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ and the kingdom He came to establish.  Please take time to view these sessions and ask any questions using the links below.  May the Lord bless you in your search for His truth and may you be led into a closer relationship with Him is our prayer.  Thank you for visiting us today.
Please set aside enough time to watch each lesson in its entirety.  If needed download the free VLC media viewer to play the .mp4 files.
Note: If you have trouble playing these files please open this page in a later version of Internet Explorer.
Introduction - (1 min.)
Lesson 1 - The Church of Jesus Christ (60 min.)
Lesson 2 - The Falling Away - (53 min.)
Lesson 3 - The Restoration - (53 min.)
Lesson 4 - Archaeological Evidences of the Book of Mormon - (54 min.)
Lesson 5 - Life After Death - (69 min.)
Lesson 6 - Stewardship - (55 min.)
Lesson 7 - What Will Baptism Do For You? - (46 min.)

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