"Hear Ye Him" - Devotional Programs for Radio
Elder Evan A. Fry, Radio Minister
30-Minute Programs
1.  Does My Belief Matter?  (Sunday, Jan. 4, 1953 8:30 A.M.)  Text Audio (14 Min)
2.  Our Belief in God  (Sunday, Jan. 11, 1953 8:30 A.M.)   Text Audio (21 Min)
3.  Our Belief in Christ  Text Audio (18 Min)
4.  Our Belief in the Holy Ghost  Text Audio (17 Min)
5.  Man - His Nature and Destiny  Text Audio (18 Min)
6.  What Is the Atonement?  Text Audio (16 Min)
7.  Agency, or Free Moral Will  Text Audio (29 Min)
8.  The Christ of the Old Testament  Text Audio (21 Min)
9.  Faith - the Way to Salvation  Text Remake (14 Min)
10.  The Processes of Repentance  Text Remake (17 Min)
11.  Baptism - the Door to the Kingdom  Text Audio (18 Min)
12.  The Second Birth  Text Audio (21 Min)
13.  Grow Up into Christ  Text Audio (19 Min)
14.  Jesus Lives! (Easter)  Text Audio (20 Min)
15.  The Body of Christ  Text Audio (19 Min)
16.  The Lord‘s Supper  Text 
17.  These Signs Shall Follow  Text 
18.  The Gifts of Wisdom and Knowledge  Text Audio (19 Min)
19.  The Gift of Prophecy  Text 
20.  The Gift of Tongues  Text 
21.  Gifts of Miracles  Text Audio (19 Min)
22.  Gifts of Healing  Text Audio (18 Min)
23.  What Became of Christ’s Church?  Text Audio (21 Min)
24.  Bearers of Christ’s Authority  Text Audio (18 Min)
25.  Our Standard of Belief  Text Audio (21 Min)
26.  The Bible Promises Other Scriptures  Text Audio (23 Min)
27.  Christ's "Other Sheep"  Text Audio (21 Min)
28.  Our American Scriptures  Text Audio (17 Min)
29.  Why Believe the Book of Mormon?  Text Audio (19 Min)
30.  Book of Mormon Evidences  Text Audio (21 Min)
31.  Book of Mormon Witnesses  Text Audio (20 Min)
32.  Book of Mormon Doctrines  Text Audio (17 Min)
33.  Spiritual and Ethical Levels of the Book of Mormon  Text Audio (22 Min)
34.  Who Closed the Canon of Scripture?  Text Audio (19 Min)
35.  Contemporary Scripture  Text Audio (18 Min)
36.  The Christian Ethics of Marriage  Text Audio (19 Min)
37.  God and Government  Text Audio (22 Min)
38.  The Glory of God Is Intelligence  Text Audio (14 Min)
39.  What Is Christian Stewardship?  Text Audio (14 Min)
40.  Equality Through Agency  Text Audio (19 Min)
41.  Implementing Social Righteousness  Text Audio (22 Min)
42.  Thy Kingdom Come(Zion)  Text Audio (19 Min)
43.  Judgment Is Eternal  Text Audio (18 Min)
44.  The Resurrection of the Body  Text Audio (22 Min)
45.  Jesus Is Coming Soon  Text Audio (21 Min)
46.  The Millenial Reign  Text Audio (22 Min)
47.  Was Joseph Smith A Prophet?  Text Audio (18 Min)
48.  The Voice of Warning  Text Audio (19 Min)
49.  The Fullness of the Gospel  Text Audio (15 Min)
50.  Good Will to Men (Christmas)  Text Audio (21 Min)
51.  And Now, Why Tarriest Thou?  Text Audio (17 Min)
52.  A Marvelous Work and A Wonder  Text Audio (14 Min)
15-Minute Programs
53.  Great God, Our King  Text Audio (13 Min)
54.  What Is the Kingdom?  Text Audio (13 Min)
55.  Israel and the Kingdom  Text Audio (13 Min)
56.  Christ and the Kingdom of Israel  Text Audio (13 Min)
57.  Christ‘s Church and the Kingdom  Text Audio (13 Min)
58.  The Apostasy and the Kingdom  Text Audio (11 Min)
59.  The Kingdom Within  Text Audio (12 Min)
60.  The Heavenly Kingdom  Text Audio (11 Min)
61.  The Kingdom of God on Earth  Text Audio (10 Min)
62.  The Present Kingdom  Text Audio (13 Min)
63.  The Future Kingdom  Text Audio (13 Min)
64.  Subjects of God's Kingdom  Text Audio (13 Min)
65.  Heirs of the Kingdom  Text Audio (12 Min)
66.  Bringing Forth the Kingdom  Text Audio (13 Min)
67.  Building Up the Kingdom  Text Audio (12 Min)
68.  Seeking First the Kingdom  Text Audio (12 Min)
69.  The Life of the Kingdom  Text Audio (12 Min)
70.  The Keys of the Kingdom  Text Audio (13 Min)
71.  The Door to the Kingdom  Text 
72.  Economic Laws of the Kingdom  Text 
73.  Social laws of the Kingdom  Text 
74.  Moral laws of the Kingdom  Text 
75.  Physical Laws of the Kingdom  Text 
76.  Psycological Laws of the Kingdom  Text 
77.  Political Laws of the Kingdom  Text 
78.  Spiritual Laws of the Kingdom  Text 
79.  Democracy and the Kingdom  Text 
80.  The Kingdom at Hand  Text 
81.  Parables of the Kingdom - the Sower  Text 
82.  The Wheat and the Tares  Text 
83.  The Mustard Seed - the Leaven  Text 
84.  The Hidden Treasure - the Pearl  Text 
85.  The Net Cast into the Sea  Text 
86.  The Unforgiving Debtor  Text 
87.  The Householder and the Hired Servant  Text Audio (13 Min)
88.  The Marriage Feast  Text 
89.  The Ten Virgins  Text 
90.  The Pounds and the Talents  Text 
91.  The Doctrine of the Kingdom  Text 
92.  The Christ of the Kingdom  Text 
93.  Zion and the Kingdom  Text 
94.  The Promise of the Kingdom (Everlasting Covenant)  Text 
95.  The Gathering and the Kingdom  Text 
96.  The Triumphant Kingdom  Text 
97.  Jesus, the Light of the World  Text 
98.  Jesus, the Way and the Truth  Text Audio (13 Min)
99.  Jesus, the Lamb of God  Text Audio (13 Min)
100.  Jesus, the Savior of the World  Text Audio (13 Min)
101.  Jesus, the Resurrection and the Life  Text 
102.  Jesus, the Prince of Peace  Text 
103.  Jesus, the Word Made Flesh  Text 
104.  Jesus.  the Beginning and the End  Text 
105.  Hear Ye Him  Text 
106.  The Golden Rule  Text 
107.  Ye Cannot Serve God and Mammon  Text 
108.  The Greatest Commandment  Text 
109.  Take Up Thy Cross  Text 
110.  A Cup of Cold Water  Text 
111.  He That Is not with Me Is Against Me  Text 
112.  Have Faith in God  Text 
113.  Repent Ye, and Believe the Gospel  Text 
114.  Ye Must Be Born Again  Text 
115.  I Will Send Another Comforter  Text 
116.  I Will Build My Church  Text 
117.  This Is My Body  Text 
118.  Thy Will Be Done  Text 
119.  Whoso Liveth and Believeth Shall Never Die  Text 
120.  I Have Chosen You  Text 
121.  That They May All Be One  Text 
122.  Ask, and It Shall Be Given  Text 
123.  Who Is My Mother?  Text 
124.  Take No Thought for the Morrow  Text 
125.  Resist Not Evil  Text 
126.  The God of the Living  Text 
127.  Trust Not in Riches  Text 
128.  Forbid Them Not  Text 
129.  What God Hath Joined  Text 
130.  The Sabbath Was Made for Man  Text 
131.  Render Unto Caesar  Text 
132.  Forgive Us Our Trespasses  Text 
133.  Our Father, Who Art in Heaven  Text 
134.  In Secret Have I Said Nothing  Text 
135.  Idle Words   Text 
136.  Judge Not, that Ye Be Not Judged  Text 
137.  Beware of Covetousness  Text 
138.  New Wine in Old Bottles  Text 
139.  If the Son Make You Free  Text 
140.  To Him that Hath Shall Be Given  Text 
141.  Enter Ye in at the Strait Gate  Text 
142.  Beware of False Prophets  Text 
143.  Other Sheep I Have  Text 
144.  A New Commandment  Text 
145.  One of You Shall Betray Me  Text 
146.  The Greatest Shall Be Your Servant  Text 
147.  Woe Unto You Scribes and Pharisees  Text 
148.  Abide in Me  Text 
149.  Come Unto Me  Text 
150.  Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone  Text 
151.  I Will Come Again  Text 
152.  Be Ye Also Ready  Text 
153.  They Shall Gather His Elect  Text 
154.  These Signs Shall Follow  Text Audio (18 Min)
155.  The Stone which the Builders Rejected  Text 
156.  God So Loved the World  Text 
157.  I Have Finished the Work  Text 
158.  God’s Words Never Cease  Text 
159.  Every Man Walketh in His Own way  Text 
160.  Peace Shall Be Taken from the Earth  Text 
161.  Say Nothing But Repentance  Text 
162.  He that Receiveth My Servants  Text 
163.  Solemnities of Eternity  Text 
164.  What Is Truth?  Text 
165.  My Spirit Is Truth  Text 
166.  All Things Are by Him and of Him  Text 
167.  The Light of Christ  Text 
168.  Jesus as Creator  Text 
169.  God Moving in Majesty and Power  Text 
170.  Redemption of the Soul (Easter)  Text 
171.  Man Was in the Beginning with God  Text 
172.  All Things to Me Are Spiritual  Text 
173.  Responsibility According to Opportunity  Text 
174.  Forgive All Men  Text 
175.  The Gifts of Music and Song  Text 
176.  Contingent Promises  Text 
177.  Be Ye One  Text 
178.  God Is No Respecter of Persons  Text 
179.  Thou Shalt Love Thy Wife  Text 
180.  Bring Up Your Children  Text 
181.  Little Children Are Holy  Text 
182.  Faith Cometh Not By Signs  Text 
183.  Of Human Bondage  Text 
184.  When the Wicked Rule  Text 
185.  Let No Man Break the Laws of the Land  Text 
186.  Governed and Preserved by Laws  Text 
187.  Kingdom and Laws  Text 
188.  Men Are Agents Unto Themselves  Text 
189.  Study It Out in Your Mind  Text 
190.  Teach the Doctrine of the Kingdom  Text 
191.  Beware of False Prophets  Text 
192.  Faith and Works  Text 
193.  Jesus, the Savior of the World  Text 
194.  Jesus, the Personal Savior  Text 
195.  The Peril of False Premise  Text 
196.  The Glory of God Is Intelligence  Text 
197.  In Temporal Things Be Equal  Text 
198.  The Fullness of the Earth Is Yours  Text 
199.  Accountability and Stewardship  Text 
200.  Needs and Just Wants  Text 
201.  The Storehouse  Text 
202.  Go Ye Out from Babylon  Text 
203.  Thank the Lord in All Things  Text 
204.  All Are Called  Text 
205.  Come Unto the Father in My Name  Text 
206.  The Light that Lighteth Every Man  Text 
207.  The Humanity of Jesus  Text 
208.  The Fullness of the Father (Christmas)  Text 
209.  It Is Yet Day  Text 
210.  To Every Man Is Given A Gift  Text 
211.  Treasure up the Words of Life  Text 
212.  Lay Hands on the Sick  Text 
213.  Observe the Sabbath  Text 
214.  God’s Punishment  Text 
215.  Renounce War and Proclaim Peace  Text 
216.  Thou Shalt Not Be Idle  Text 
217.  The Spirit of Speculation  Text 
218.  The Natural Man  Text 
219.  No Other Name  Text 
220.  The Name by Which Ye Are Called  Text 
221.  Sons and Heirs of Christ  Text 
222.  An Infinite Atonement  Text 
223.  Will All Men Be Saved?  Text 
224.  We Rejoice in Christ  Text 
225.  The Power of His Resurrection (Easter)  Text 
226.  The Light that Can Never Be Darkened  Text 
227.  Be Content  Text 
228.  They Did Not Doubt that Their Mothers Knew  Text 
229.  The Devil’s Flaxen Cords  Text 
230.  God‘s Laws of Marriage  Text 
231.  Teach Your Children  Text 
232.  Little Children Are Alive in Christ  Text 
233.  He Denieth None that Come Unto Him  Text 
234.  Pray Always  Text 
235.  Men Are Free through Christ  Text 
236.  The Dangers of Monarchy  Text 
237.  A Choice Land  Text 
238.  A Cursed Land  Text 
239.  Democracy in Government  Text 
240.  God Never Commands the Impossible  Text 
241.  Always in Debt to God  Text 
242.  Witnesses of God  Text 
243.  All Good Comes from God  Text 
244.  This Life Is A Probation  Text 
245.  To Be Learned Is Good If --  Text 
246.  The Rod of Iron – God’s Word  Text 
247.  Ye Are Free to Act for Yourselves  Text 
248.  Opposition in All Things  Text 
249.  Wickedness Never Was Happiness  Text 
250.  Sorrow Unto Repentance  Text 
251.  Ripened in Iniquity  Text 
252.  Good or Evil - According to Your Desires  Text 
253.  Faith, the Seed of Eternal Life  Text 
254.  Let Us Resist Evil  Text 
255.  God Worketh Not in Darkness  Text 
256.  (Omitted)   
257.  All Things Typify Christ  Text 
258.  Do Not Judge WrongfulLy  Text 
259.  The Light Which Ye Shall Hold Up  Text 
260.  If Jesus Had Not Come (Christmas)  Text 
261.  One Eternal Round  Text 
262.  Let Us Go on Unto Perfection  Text 
263.  By Grace Are Ye Saved  Text 
264.  Be Ye Doers of the Word  Text 
265.  An Abundant Entrance  Text 
266.  Celestial Bodies  Text 
267.  He Cannot Sin  Text 
268.  God Is Not Mocked  Text 
269.  Deeds Done in the Body  Text 
270.  New Creatures in Christ  Text 
271.  The Test of the New Birth  Text 
272.  This Is the Victory  Text 
273.  Christ Offered Himself Once  Text 
274.  The Cross, the Power of God  Text 
275.  I Am He that Liveth (Easter)  Text 
276.  Christ, the Great High Priest  Text 
277.  The Spirits in Prison  Text 
278.  Thanks Be to God  Text 
279.  Ye Are the Body of Christ  Text 
280.  Spiritual Gifts  Text 
281.  Prophecies Shall Fail  Text 
282.  Grieve Not the Holy Spirit  Text 
283.  Neglect Not the Gift that Is in Thee  Text 
284.  A Reason for Your Hope  Text 
285.  God Is Love  Text 
286.  Every Good Gift Is of God  Text Remake (9 Min)
287.  The Ordinances of Men  Text Remake (9 Min)

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