Is it enough to barely make it into heaven? Is it possible to be saved and still have an eternity of regret for things that I did not do for my Lord?


Does our behavior really make any difference if we know that we've been saved and are eternally secure: You bet it does. Are there any eternal consequences in the life of a believer who sins after they are saved? Yes, there are. Will everybody in heaven be able to experience the same blessings and the same reward. No, they will not..... The Bible nowhere indicates that all of us are going to have the same position in heaven.... Secondly, nowhere does it indicate that everybody is going to have the same privileges in heaven. Nor does it indicate that everybody is going to be able to enjoy heaven to the same degree..... Is it possible to be eternally secure and yet to be an eternal loser? You bet it is.... Can you imagine standing in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ -- who stretched out both arms on the cross, and they drove a spike in both hands, they put a crown of thorns on His head, and the blood ran down in His eyes and down His chest, and He did all of that for one reason: that you and I could be forgiven of our sins, and live happily and joyfully in this life and one of these days die and go to heaven -- can you imagine standing in His presence and saying, "All I care about's just getting in"?

Charles Stanley
Eternal Security: What Do We Have to Lose?
In Touch Ministries

It is wonderful to see that some evangelical teachers are beginning to combat the mentality of "just barely making it into heaven and doing nothing for our Lord." But did you know that Christ's restored church has been teaching that principle for over 150 years? There will definitely be an eternity of regret for those who just want to be saved and do nothing on this earth for their Heavenly Father.